In side et Aura

2003, 2005


Aura (2005) continued the research that began with In side (2003). These two performances constitute the first and second parts of a 50-minute presentation that places performers in relation with an audiovisual stage installation and an optical manipulator.

The initial idea was to create a scenic object through which a body, presented at the same time and place in both physically and virtually, can provoke a dialogue between these two presences – one that is by turns strained, vibrant and sensual – in the form of a meeting between matter and light. A series of tableaus presented in succession creates a fictitious world shown in parallel to the real world, where the distinction between the perceptible and the imperceptible falls away.

As hybrid objects combining video projections and performance, acoustic environment and light architecture within a lively scenographic installation, these two creations see the dancer transformed into a body-screen, blurring the borders between an actual presence and a projected image.

Whether motionless or in movement, the body on stage receives the projection of its own image directly on the skin, or through the filter of another form of matter. This staging of the image calls for an installation composed of adapted light sources, which can be used to modulate the chiaroscuro areas with the intention of creating a new volume of being on stage. Floating bodies, painted bodies, droplet-bodies, multiplied bodies: the body, the matter of the intangible.


In side

  • Projet Projo (held by studio 303) / Montreal, arts interculturels.
  • Danse à Lille (Roubaix, France)
  • Hivernales Festival (Avignon, France)


  • Tangente (Montreal)

In side & Aura

  • Trafo theater (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Mousonturn (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Candanse Festival (Ottawa, Canada)
  • TransAmeriques Festival (Montreal, Canada)
  • Théâtre 140 (Brussels, Belgium)
  • Mois Multi - Recto-Verso (Quebec, Canada)
  • Mime festival in Chuncheon (Korea)


Conception, video, installation (Aura): Stéphane Gladyszewski

In side

  • Dancers: Jason Diggins, Élizabeth Emberly
  • Music: soundtrack from Plastikman and Mat Cober


  • Dancers (virtual or real): Katie Ward, Emmanuel Proulx, Élizabeth Emberly
  • Composer: Nicolas Basque
  • Light design: Jean Jauvin
  • Projectionnist: Stéphane Gladyszewski

With the support of Tangente, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ), Canada Art Council (CAC), Cirque du Soleil.


2 videos projectors, photographic shutters, manual optical iris, fabric screens, latex sheet, survival blanket.