La physique


scenic objects

With artisanal simplicity, a series of scenographic objects inspired by the fantastic cinematic world of B movies were conceived in close collaboration with choreographer Anne Thériault for her project, La Physique. An inflatable helmet, a large bubble of smoke bomb soap, a variable beam flashlight – all are specifically designed to serve as a companion to this artist's creative process and create a kitsch humoristic atmosphere tinged with surrealism.


  • Tangente (Montreal)
  • OFFTA - Théâtre d'Aujourd'hui (Montreal)


  • Conception of scenic objects: Stephane Gladyszewski, Anne Thériault
  • Choreographer: Anne Thériault


  • Inflatable helmet: transparent tape, miniature vaccum cleaner, latex tubing, nylon.
  • Flashlight device: cardboard, flashlight, plastic.

Inflatable helmet.
Small fan linked to inflatable helmet.