Vertebra sprung from Gladyszewki's interest in the articulation and functioning of the spinal cord and undulatory movement. Wanting to create a tail, or extension of the spine to move from and with, he began by closely examining the physiology of the neck of the ostrich, and enriched it with a study of nautical knots. The latex was woven such that the same tension projected from one end to the other: held in one hand, the column extended horizontally on its own. Once constructed, Vertebra became an object or artifact which accompanied Gladyszewki in elaborating the choregraphies for Aura and Corps noir. It stimulated his imaginary, and also served as a tool for interaction. Vertebra was, in the artist's own words, "The column around which I first built the flesh of my choreography."


The spine was used in the show Aura and Corps noir.


  • Conception of Vertebra: Stéphane Gladyszewski
  • Conception of the Suitcase: Sylvain Baumann


  • Spine: lindenwood, latex tubing, metal wire.
  • Suitcase: thermoformed plastic, wood, mirored plastic.